How many lakes are there?

We're not sure. Old fish stocking reports list nearly 20 bodies of water within our
district. See
History page, near the bottom. There are surely more than that,

Some of these lakes have become private, because a single owner has bought all
the adjoining lots. Among these are Hank's Pond and Little Sister Lake.
What relationship exists between WMTLA and the Wee-Ma-Tuk Country Club?

The two are separate and distinct.

The Club owns property on Lake WMT and is a member. Many WMTLA members
are members of the Club. Membership in one does not constitute membership
in the other.

For more information about Wee-Ma-Tuk Country Club, go to:
What relationship exists between WMTLA and the Wee-Ma-Tuk Drainage

The two are separate and distinct.

The Drainage District oversees the levels of the lakes and issues surrounding
the dam, located at Arrow Rd. The District may levy taxes to support these

For more information contact Bill Phillips at 309-789-2717.
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Where does our drinking water come from?

Ironically, it's from Canton Lake.

Until recently, everyone had wells. In the early 2000s, an arrangement was made to buy our water from
the Village of Cuba, which buys it from the City of Canton. So the water is pumped from Canton Lake,
treated at Canton, then piped to Cuba, then to Wee-Ma-Tuk.

As yet, no similar arrangement exists for sewage, and WMT houses all have septic systems.

For more information, call the WMT Water District. Joe Carruthers: 309-789-2750.

Update: see
Cool, Clear Water on the Media Page.
What happens if landowners don't pay dues?

It handicaps the organization.  

The covenants, written in the 1960s, make it very difficult to enact any enforceable action.

Other lake communities have the power to attach property liens for unpaid dues, and to deny lake
rights to those in arrears. It is unclear what, if any, enforcement rights the WMTLA has. A legal study
has been commissioned to answer these questions, and opinions are expected soon.

In the meantime, we're grateful for those who pay their dues, and somewhat disturbed by those who
benefit from the street lights, fish stocking, and other WMTLA projects without contributing.
What's so special about Wee-Ma-Tuk?

An area blighted by deep holes in the ground, slag heaps, and uprooted trees was converted into a
beautiful place, full of wildlife, recreational opportunities, and good neighbors.

WMT might not be unique, but it's surely very rare. For a more complete story, see our
History page.
How big is Lake Wee-Ma-Tuk?

We've seen numbers ranging from 150 to 188 acres. If someone knows the exact number (including the
added east cove) please email

The big lake's shoreline measures about 7 miles, and the deepest spots are about 25 feet.

For dimensional information about the other lakes, see the
History page.

Update: See
Wee-Ma-Tuk Five-0 on the Media Page.
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