Pole and line fishing only!
"Land of many lakes...."
Fishing Regulations
Largemouth Bass--Limit
one per day over 18".
Release all others.
Black and White Crappie--Limit 15 per day
Muskellunge--Catch and
release only
Channel Catfish--Limit 6
per day
--Release all (they
keep the carp and shad
numbers low.)
Green Sunfish--Keep or
Bluegill--no limit
Redear Sunfish--no limit
Carp--Keep or destroy
Warmouth--Keep or destroy
Yellow bass--Keep or
Bullhead--Keep or destroy
Shad--Keep or destroy
Walleye--Measure and
report catch to Frank
Mavetz (224-6472).  One
14"-18" keeper daily.
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6 Crappie Tips!
These limits
apply to all
Tom Hills was surprised to
learn that there are some
good walleyes in the big
lake. This one was 18" and
about 2 lbs.
Yep. It's your web guy with a
61/2 lb. playmate.
Darren Strong with 5-lb.
channel cat caught at our

Dennis Simerly caught
this 9 lb. 12 oz. cat off his
Victoria Strong and her 4-pounder. Her
240-pounder is on the right. (Note: her
240-pounder is now a 185-pounder!)
Readers' fish pictures
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Well,,,,  Celia  did it !!
She accomplished what  would be comparable to  "Hitting for the Cycle "   in baseball.   
She caught,  jig fishing with a worm,  all on Monday,   at least  one of the following.

A Channel cat, a Yellow bass, a Blue gill, a Crappie, a  Large mouth  bass, and the Coup de Grace:  

Celia Miller
Seems those who are illegally jugfishing in
Skier's Cove are doing Don Schneider's
retriever, Boris, a big favor.

Boris "caught" a 7.5 pound catfish in April,
2008. He's shown here with a 13-pounder
from May 30. Click to enlarge.
Well, OK--the angle makes
it look like Jaws...but it did
go just under 6.
Chris Strong's son
Darren with a 5-lb.
Chris and Darren
with a 5+-lb.
Donna Simerly's
great-nephew Joey with
his first fish ever!
Matt Roe with a nice
bass he caught off his
grandma Kitty Neeley's  
...and one he caught
when he went out with
Rick Birkey and a lunker
that lives in our cove.
Click to enlarge!
Chris and Vicki's niece
Hallie isn't too fond of
the carp she caught...
Matt Roe with a fat cat.
Marc Davis with a nice cat, after he caught a nice bass.
Send your fish pix to
Chelsea Stevens with a
nice Wood Lake crappie.
Mike Watkins with a 19-lb. flathead on the
big lake. Photo by John Hardy.

Paul and Celia Miller's
grandson Gabe and his
first big bass.
...and an October one
from Grandma Kitty's.
Marc Davis's crappie is a foot
long! He caught it at our dock!
Paul Miller and two big
Janet Short and 3
giant crappies
Paul Miller   20 in  5 lb. 11oz
Bill  Freiberg   18 in  4 lb 5
Rayme Walk   20 in    5 lb  5 oz"
Last Cast 3lbs
Paul Miller and friends from work hit some great bass!
The Fabulous Davis boys with a long cat.
Chris Strong with a
7-pounder, October 7,
2009. Caught with
chartreuse Senko. It's a
personal bass-t!
Paul Miller's last bass of 2009. It
looks bigger than mine because
Paul's arms are extended,
whereas mine are tightly
clamped to my sides...
Fish were stocked October 29,2011, in the
same quantities as last year.
Don and Nancy Schneider's son Dean with bass.  The
largest was 6 lbs. 6 oz. All were released to be caught next
year, when they'll weigh 7.5 lbs.
Marc Davis and sons with a 19 1.2 inch
bigmouth. Marc says he caught it, but we
wonder if it might have been one of the
2014 Fish Stocking report at bottom of page..
Doug Jones with two holiday bass: the left one from
Easter, the right a 4th of July catch.
Joe Putrich and I
caught these the
same day: Friday, Oct.
9. We're debating
which one is bigger.
Careful photographic
analysys suggests his
is fatter, while mine is
Marc Davis and sons
This 8-lb. walleye was
caught by the dam recently
(April, 2012) by Nick Wright.
Looks like our walleye
stocking has taken hold!
Matt Roe got this big bass
off Pat O'Flaherty's dock>
April, 2012.
Wes Evans's grandson Anthony caught
this brute!
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2014 Fish Stocking

All crappie. Amounts determined by acreage.
Pat Hutt and an 8 1/4 lb. walleye.
The beast was 27 1/2 inches long.