Paid Members 2015
The Wee-Ma-Tuk Landowners Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and enhancing the
land and lakes of the Wee-Ma-Tuk area.

Our members come in all varieties.  Some are retired, some have young families  Some are weekenders, some are
full-time residents.  Some own homes, some own only land.  Some live on or near a small lake, some on the big one,
and some on the golf course.

All of us are united by our love for the lakes, ponds, wildlife, and landscapes of Wee-Ma-Tuk, and we treasure its
recreational opportunities.

Both nature and man exert challenges that affect our lake environment.  The Association continually needs funding  
to meet those challenges. All landowners are expected to pay the annual dues and to abide by the Association's
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Paid Members 2015
Paid Members 2015
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Paid Members 2015